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• What things do I do that communicate tenderness toward you? • Especially after long, tough days, how can we make a concerted effort to reconnect and show tenderness and empathy? • How would you feel if I put my arm around you in church or reached out for your hand when we’re walking? • What are some other ways we can incorporate meaningful touch into our daily routine?

• Are there other ways I can communicate tenderness on a regular basis? • How did you feel about the last service project we completed together?

• Do you prefer activities that are more physical in nature or those that provide a mental challenge? • What were some of your favorite things to play as a child? • How important is our home environment now to creating good memories for us and our children? • How can we create and maintain traditions for our marriage and family?

• If you had unlimited time and funds, what hobby would you pursue? • Did you have special traditions in your family growing up? • Whom did you consider your best friend as a child?

• How is this meal experience different because we cooked the food together?

• What were some of your favorite hobbies as a child? • How can I support you with your fitness goals this week?

These conversation starters are a way to help you be intentional about honoring and cherishing your mate.

All right then, start getting to know your spouse even better.

(The idea of a date-night conversation isn’t to criticize your spouse in the areas where he or she is falling short.

If you feel that you need to improve some of the dynamics in the marriage, save that discussion for another time.) Instead, the goal is to affirm what your spouse has done or is doing right, to exchange ideas and to offer helpful suggestions for the future.

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• Where would you consider our special place to be? • What’s the most romantic thing I’ve ever done for you? • How are you handling things at your workplace this week? (Note: We’re not just talking sports teams here, although there are certainly some inspiring examples in that category.

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