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Our results call for the modification of the conventional B1 biosynthesis model to incorporate c HET as a key precursor for B1 biosynthesis in two domains of life, and for consideration of c HET as a microbial micronutrient currency modulating marine primary productivity and community interactions in human gut-hosted microbiomes.

have been shown to be B1 auxotrophs – cumulatively highlighting the importance of exogenous B1 or related micronutrients to the operation of diverse ecosystems.

coli were adapted to grow on low (picomolar) concentrations of exogenous c HET.Pictures were taken 14 days after germination and are representative of at least 30 plants. Collectively, our findings establish c HET as a valuable microbial B1-related currency and component of de novo B1 biosynthesis.Previously, HET was the only thiazole considered in research investigating B1 salvage.For example: (1) ubiquitous bacterioplankton, affiliated with the SAR11 clade, accounting for more than half of microbes in the oligotrophic surface ocean. to use the newly detected precursor(s) found in seawater and produced by de novo B1-synthesizing plankton - strongly suggesting that the compound(s) is thiazole-related.Intrigued that these marine picoeukaryotic phytoplankton potentially use a novel thiazole precursor, we noted with interest that carboxythiazole, 5-(2-hydroxyethyl)-4-methyl-1,3-thiazole-2-carboxylic acid (c HET), specifically phosphorylated c HET (c HET-P), is produced by bacterial thiazole synthase.

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(A) RCC745 grows when provided different concentrations of c HET (plus 1 n M HMP) or B1 (1 n M; as a positive control).

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