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But with the growing popularity of searching for a mate online, those tags seem to be slowly disappearing.

“I think this first round obviously I was one of those ‘if you can’t go out and meet someone you are a loser’,” said Milligan. So now I am one of those and I’m alright with that.” Experts will tell you that they are seeing trends of these “desperation” tags being thrown away.

This process begins by the parents sitting on a bench with their child’s credentials, such as photos and academic or career information.

After information has been exchanged and the parents like what they see, questions are asked about anything ranging from their child’s zodiac sign to their place of residence.

A social stigma has been attached to every new form of dating that strays from the traditional way of meeting someone at a bar, concert, or through friends.

Tags such as “desperate” are attached to people who use online dating sites.

“However, I do think there is still a stigma about it.

Here are some prices on using some of the more popular dating sites.

by Robert Lowrey – (SYRACUSE) Finding you’re soul mate is just a click away.

According to a study completed by research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey, a growing amount of people are starting to find true love on the internet.

DALLAS, April 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Recent studies of more than 11,000 people revealed that one in six marriages are now between people who met through an online dating site – more than twice the number of people meeting at bars, at clubs and other social events combined.

Additionally, the studies show that one in five new committed relationships, including marriages, are between people who met on an online dating site.

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  1. M e gustaria que fuese un hombre presentable ,con sentido de umor ,fiel a su mujer y a su familia ,que sepa cuidarme y respetarme ,me gustaria que encontrara a mi media naranja !