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Guatemala City is the largest city in Central America.With nearly three million people, you’ll have a lot of Guatemalan girls to choose from.The culture is more conservative and the attractive women have less competition here than in other places.While that may be true, you can still do well here if you speak Spanish and act less like a backpacker and more like an adult.Once I found where the hot Guatemalan girls were hiding, I started to date a few of them.They look great and I was a huge fan of their personalities.She will probably make you wait a few dates before sleeping with you.

Antiagua is the backpacker mecca of Central America.

I understand why many men claim Guatemalan women aren’t the most attractive in Latin America.

The average girl in Guatemala has a native, Mayan look to her that simply isn’t what most guys consider sexy.

You’ll be able to party whenever and invite hot Guatemalan chicks from the capital to come stay a night with you when you don’t feel like going out.

Seducing girls in Guatemala City is a bit harder than in neighboring countries like Honduras or El Salvador.

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