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Maybe it makes sense to not date anyone whose the least bit different from you in any way whatsoever, especially what they eat.

Compared to the site that matches up normal, innocent people with convicted felons, it seems downright ordinary.

On any given day, Ellen, who is also an award-winning recording artist, performer and educator, can also be found recording little snippets of songs she composes and ultimately records, sometimes at 3 a.m. (Go here for her CD catalog.) This post has been contributed by a third party. She applies this work to sex education and sexual violence prevention in contexts such as public schools, college campuses and youth development programs.

Let’s just say you met someone you wanted to date; maybe they even knocked your socks off.

And let’s just say that said person, at some point, told you there could be no kissing unless you brushed your teeth, flossed, and then rinsed with mouthwash. But now I am that person, the one who cannot be kissed unless the above-mentioned “kissing prescription” is followed to the letter of the law.

“Being diagnosed with Celiac disease myself, I know that there can be a host of embarrassing situations that arise when dealing with special dietary needs on a date – especially when you are meeting someone new and going out to restaurants often.

Gluten Free Singles is a unique place where you can socialize and find gluten-free dating partners – or friends who share the same health goals,” said Marcella Romaya, co-founder Gluten Free Singles Glutenfree Singles’ website also says that their goal is to create a community where users, “never have to feel alone, awkward, or a burden because you are gluten-free.” As this Dating website emerges and gets media Exposure I’ve heard journalists say that “It remains questionable whether one’s dietary preferences or requirements are a useful basis for finding a romantic partner”.

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(I mean, come on, when the bill arrived and I reached for my wallet, he asked if I’d see him again and said that if I would, he’d pay for dinner. So far, he knows I can’t eat gluten, but I’ve avoided kissing like the plague.

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