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You can pay by debit or credit card, or Direct Debit.You must tax your vehicle even if you do not have to pay anything, for example if you’re exempt because you’re disabled.You'll be paid money for previous tax years as a cheque.You won't have to tick any boxes or make a special request for this as it'll happen automatically.She earns £35,000 and is a basic-rate taxpayer (higher-rate tax starts at £50,000 for most).

It leaves small businesses facing an even higher tax bill - and remarkably the extra costs will be backdated to 2015.There was a spate of backdating stock options in the 2000s, mostly at technology firms that rely heavily on stock options for executive compensation, but also at some companies not in the tech sector.The backdating scheme involved moving an effective date for the exercise of stock options from when the options were 'out of the money' to a date that made the options 'in the money' to allow certain executives to exercise their options profitably.The Staircase Tax - first revealed by The Sun last month - hits small businesses particularly hard because the value of each “additional” building does not qualify for small business rate relief.The Valuation Office Agency (VOA), which calculates business rates for HMRC, is using a Supreme Court case to slap firms with extra bills - and allowing councils to backdate the tax hikes to 2015.

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Companies such as Comverse, Verisign, F5 Networks, Intuit and Mc Afee - as well as Home Depot, Michael's Stores and United Health Group, to name a few - all engaged in this fraudulent activity to varying degrees and were forced to pay fines and penalties and conduct time-consuming and expensive restatements of their books.

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