Can carbon dating be faked

One of the secondary effects of these was an enormous increase in the level of radiocarbon (carbon-14) in the Earth's atmosphere.

These levels peaked during the mid-1960s and then fell again with the signing of various international treaties banning nuclear weapons tests. As the level of radiocarbon in the atmosphere increased, it also increased at a corresponding rate in all living organisms, including the cotton and linen plants used to make canvases for artwork," says the institute.

Carbon dating looks for the amount of mildly radioactive carbon-14 (C-14) within materials of organic origin.

As all organisms — including the cereals used to make whisky — absorb C-14 over their lives, this method can pinpoint the distillation date of a whisky with an accuracy of 2–3 years. Whiskies (and many foodstuffs, actually) have specific ‘fingerprints’ that hint at their composition.

These tools are now also being introduced to find counterfeit drugs or check food products for pesticide content. (Read more)A sample ended up with a rare whisky specialist and was subjected to carbon dating tests, which established that the whisky was distilled almost a hundred years later than stated on the bottle making it an almost worthless fake.

Question: "Is carbon dating a reliable method for determining the age of things?

then plotted their results against the so-called 'bomb peak' curve," it says.

To identify these components and processes, scientists use various forms of originates from the study of light.

Under the right circumstances, atoms will emit light at a unique wavelength, which means that chemical components of food and drink can be identified.

Researchers have used carbon dating methods to prove that most pre-1900 Scotch whiskies are fake…

but the good news is that the technology can be used to identify fake and mislabelled foods as well. Scientists used carbon dating techniques from archaeology to spot fakes among rare, collectable whiskies.

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