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Skip Package Display=NOShow what packages get installed and allow the person running the build to check off what gets installed.Skip Locale Selection=YESUILanguage=en-USUser Locale=en-USKeyboard Locale=04000409Lookup these values if you need them to be different.

Skip Product Key=YESHas the machine talk to the KMS server.User ID=admin The user name you use to connect to the Deploy Root share.To follow-up on my earlier post “Deploying Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview with MDT 2012 Update 1 Preview” Let’s try to do a little automation to make the deployment experience a little smoother.To skip the Welcome Wizard: Let suppose that we only have and need one task sequence job – lets automate this step as well Changes will be a bit easier this time, hence we don’t need to update the ISO or PXE media each time – we are now working with Custom The great part of working with Custom is that there is no need to rebuild boot media – changes are effective immediately – go ahead and give it a try When you boot your client again with the latests additions, we have arrived at Move Data and Settings: Here is a snip of my Cusom and – yours should look similar to this Custom [Settings] Priority=Default Properties=My Custom Property [Default] OSInstall=Y Skip Capture=YES Skip Admin Password=YES Skip Product Key=YES Skip Computer Backup=YES Skip Bit Locker=YES Skip Task Sequence=Yes Task Sequence ID=IW10ETPX64 Skip Computer Name=Yes Skip Domain Membership=Yes Join Domain=Client Machine Object OU=OU=Staging, DC=Client Geeks, DC=com Skip User Data=Yes Skip Locale Selection=Yes Skip Time Zone=Yes Keyboard Locale=04000409 User Locale=04000409 UILanguage=en-us Time Zone=004 Time Zone Name=Pacific Standard Time Skip Summary=Yes _SMSTSOrg Name=Client #day(date) & “-” & month(date) & “-” & year(date)# _SMSTSPackage Name=%Task Sequence ID% Bootstrap.ini: [Settings] Priority=Default [Default] Deploy Root=\MDT01\Deployment Share$ Skip BDDWelcome=YES User ID=svc-mdt-install User Domain=Client User Password=Password1 Have fun deploying! We are now blogging as part of the new Configuration Manager blog on the Microsoft Tech Community located here: Manager Blog Join us there for announcements and best practice posts from the MDT team.

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