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UPA produced three follow-up shorts: Gerald Mc Boing Boing's Symphony (1953), How Now Boing Boing (1954), and Gerald Mc Boing!The shorts looked far from their best, especially "Planet Moo", which was squeezed to fit the Cinema Scope frame to standard TV screen size, it was reissued in 1985 as part of RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video's "Magic Window" series of children's videotapes and fell out of print in 1995.

All four Gerald Mc Boing Boing shorts were released in 1980 on home video under the title Columbia Pictures Presents Cartoon Adventures Starring Gerald Mc Boing Boing.

This film was the first successful theatrical cartoon produced by UPA after their initial experiments with a short series of cartoons featuring Columbia Pictures stalwarts The Fox and the Crow, it was an artistic attempt to break away from the strict realism in animation that had been developed and perfected by Walt Disney.

Cartoons did not have to obey the rules of the real world (as the short films of Tex Avery and their cartoon physics proved), and so UPA experimented with a non-realistic style that depicted caricatures rather than lifelike representations.

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