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A man interested in friendship will make eye contact, but of limited duration.

The man will turn toward you sometimes, but not throughout the entire conversation.

Realize that the place where you have the encounter with the man may influence the body language.

If you are at a formal gathering, and the man is the guest of honor, all eyes are on him and he may be somewhat guarded in his body language to you.

There will be directed eye contact, usually at the end of phrases.

The man will keep a distance from you, but will be facing you as you talk.

If you can understand a man's body language, you will gain valuable insights into what he is thinking about you.

You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre.He will look into your eyes longer than a friend would but not as long as the fling guy.He will have big smiles that show he is generally interested in the conversation and in you. If the man has no interest, look for signs of fidgeting.If you meet at the park, however, the man may be able to display all of the body cues available.Know that your body language can affect a man's body language.

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