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Sending a File makes for a handy way to share pictures instantly, while the Send a Voice Note utility allows you to quickly record a message from within the Black Berry Messenger application and easily send it.It's like leaving a voicemail for the other person but with the benefit that neither party has to use airtime (and it's much quicker than having to dial in to listen to voicemail! Where can I find some Black Berry Messenger buddies? Crack is home to thousands of Black Berry addicts just like you.Highlight a contact’s name in Black Berry Messenger and click the trackball; select move. How do I change my screen name in Black Berry Messenger?A menu will allow you to select the group where the contact should go. Similar to other instant messaging programs, Black Berry Messenger allows you to customize the way you appear in other people’s contact lists.Method 2—Requesting by Email Requesting a contact by email is the almost same process as requesting by PIN.

Don’t forget, you have to be a registered member to post your PIN. My question wasn’t answered here, I still need help.

To install Black Berry Messenger, connect your device to your PC and install it using Application Loader in Desktop Manger. There are two methods of adding contacts in Black Berry Messenger. A PIN is an eight digit alpha-numeric code that is assigned to every Black Berry device.

You can find your own PIN code by going to Options Method 1—Requesting by PIN First, you will have to open up Black Berry Messenger.

Next week we will have another Black Berry 101 guest professor, and the lecture will address the topic of 3rd Party Applications on your Black Berry.

New Black Berry users may find their phone intimidating at first.

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