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-- *Footnote: In doing this search I have just discovered Google's 'time line' search view.

This informs me that the peak of content containing references to both Rand and Hubbard was created across 1998-2001 (with the peak in 1999), with smaller peaks across 1987-19-2008 respectively.

Whilst working at a summer job in a warehouse during university, she met a longtime worker there, who—on discovering that she was studying philosophy—told her that she absolutely had to read Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead, as they were life changing philosophical experiences.

I am left to assume one of the following: as a 'rational egoist' he had decided that his work was his highest value and was truly devoted to being the best warehouseman possible; he was waiting out his time to realise his designs as great architect, artist etc.; or he was Charles Freck.

Currently my research is focused on, and is interested in contrasting, the ideas and writings of Ayn Rand (founder of the 'philosophy' of Objectivism, through which she claimed to have proved that laissez-faire Capitalism could be the only 'moral' political system, and which she promoted through the fictional novels 'The Fountainhead' (1943) and 'Atlas Shrugged' (1957), both of which were a popular and commercial success) and L.

I am also interested, in a very simple way, in the way they both made a living through their work.

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There are a couple of other variants dating from 2005 onwards—try searching for the, "Ayn Rand is L. All are posted in comments sections or discussion boards, twice by someone with moniker "nolo" (in March and August of that year), with an instruction to "pass it on" in his/her second post.

While there is one 'current' instance from November 2009, in total there are only five (now six) occurrences of this phrase in cyberspace, so it doesn't seem to have become an Internet meme so far.

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The 'readers' polls' for which returned seven of the top ten 'best 20th Century novels' (polled between July 20 and October 20 in 1998) to either Rand or Hubbard (4-3 to Rand), and four books on or by them in the top ten of the corresponding non-fiction category (polled between April 29 and September 30 in 1999; 4-1 to Rand.) These reader's polls were widely criticised with respect to their value as a representative sample, both as regards the spectrum of people visiting the Modern Library and feeling passionately enough to vote, and the fact that it was possible to vote anew each day, allowing the opinions of the most persistent to hold a greater sway over the results—see The Harvard Crimson (1998) for an at-the-time response to the marketing implications of the list for Random House; and The Canadian Association of Journalists (2002) on the poll and Internet polls more generally.

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