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DADIVAS, BERTITO D.; Panitan, Capiz; April 22, 1953; Roll No. DADIVAS, CESAR B.; Panitan, Capiz; January 26, 1952; Roll No. DADIVAS, ISIDORO P.; Panitan, Capiz; March 31, 1947; Roll No. DADIVAS, JR., ALFONSO A.; Roxas City; January 26, 1961; Roll No. DADIVAS, JR., ANTONIO B.; Panitan, Capiz; June 08, 1959; Roll No. DADIVAS, JR., LEODEGARIO B.; Panay, Capiz; May 02, 2002; Roll No. DADIVAS, JULIE ANN B; Parang, Maguindanao; May 02, 2005; Roll No. DADIVAS, MANDELVIN B.; Pontevedra, Capiz; April 30, 1977; Roll No. DADIVAS, RODRIGUEZ D.; Panitan, Capiz; March 31, 1976; Roll No. DADIVAS, RONNIE T.; Roxas City; May 07, 1997; Roll No. DADO, LUIS H.; Baguio City; April 10, 1990; Roll No. VICTORIA C.; Virac, Catanduanes; May 06, 2002; Roll No. Main Index Law Library Philippine Laws, Statutes & Codes Latest Legal Updates Philippine Legal Resources Significant Philippine Legal Resources Worldwide Legal Resources Philippine Supreme Court Decisions United States Jurisprudence DA COSTA, BRIGITTE M.; Manila; May 09, 1997; Roll No. DA JOSE, ARTURO E.; Quezon, Nueva Ecija; June 08, 1953; Roll No. DA JOSE, LEONARDO P.; quezon, Nueva Ecija; February 06, 1963; Roll No. DAAG, QUEROLICO D.; San Fernando, Pampanga; May 05, 2000; Roll No. DAAN, AUGUSTO K.; Bato, Leyte; March 03, 1960; Roll No. DAANOY, NORMAN T.; San Dionisio, Iloilo; June 03, 1986; Roll No. DAAROL, FLORDABBIE T.; Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte; May 07, 1997; Roll No. DABA, ALBERTO S.; Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City; January 25, 1961; Roll No. DABAL, NEMESIO I.; Balilihan, Bohol; May 04, 1977; Roll No. DABALOS, CLINT T.; Butuan CIty; May 03, 2002; Roll No. DABALOS, NESTOR M.; Ubay, Bohol; May 02, 1983; Roll No. DABALOS, ROSARITO F.; Imbatug, Bukidnon; March 03, 1960; Roll No. DABALUS, CALIXTO A.; Dingle, Iloilo; February 02, 1951; Roll No. DABAO, JR., ROBERTO ROLANDO S.; Iloilo City; April 30, 1977; Roll No. DABAO, PHILIP Z.; Kabanbalan, Negros Occ.; May 04, 1981; Roll No. DABBAY, JR., GUILLERMO P.; Davao City; May 08, 1984; Roll No. DABBAY, MARIA GEMMA P.; Davao City; May 08, 1991; Roll No. DABBAY, TRINIDAD L.; Tuguegarao, Cagayan; May 04, 1981; Roll No. DABI, KENNETH L.; Davao City; March 20, 2003; Roll No. DABLIO, RHAMIX MARCIANO D.; Cagayan de Oro City; May 03, 2002; Roll No. DABLO, FERMENTE P.; Camiguin, Misamis Oriental; January 30, 1961; Roll No. DABLO, SHARON V.; Cagayan de Oro City; May 23, 2001; Roll No. DABON, JR., ANTOLIN ALLYSON M.; Manila; April 27, 1995; Roll No. DABON, REYNALDO P.; Casuntingan, Mandawe, Cebu; February 07, 1963; Roll No. DABU, AIMEE BERNADETTE C; Mandaluyong City; May 05, 2005; Roll No. DABU, JR., PEDRO T.; Quezon City; May 03, 1983; Roll No. DABU, JUSTO S.; Lubao, Pampanga; January 18, 1954; Roll No. DABU, PEDRO S.; Lubao, Pampanga; January 21, 1955; Roll No. DABU, RUBEN M.; Lubao, Pampanga; March 10, 1972; Roll No. DABU, SALVADOR D.; Lubao, Pampanga; February 02, 1951; Roll No. DABU, VIVIAN T.; Lubao, Pampanga; May 12, 1993; Roll No. DABUCO, JONNIE L.; Dingle, Iloilo; April 12, 1996; Roll No. DACALAÑO, EUSEBIO M.; Agoo, La Union; January 25, 1952; Roll No. DACALOS, JR., RODULFO D; Baroy, Lanao del Norte; April 26, 2007; Roll No. DACALOS, RANULFO BA.; Salvador, Lanao del Norte; March 30, 1976; Roll No. DAGPIN, JOSEPH O.; Dapitan City; May 05, 1981; Roll No. DAGPIN, JR., SAMUEL G.; Dapitan City; May 23, 2001; Roll No. DAGPIN, TEOFILO B.; Dipolog City; May 15, 1979; Roll No. DAGUDAG, AL BERNARD S; Makati City; May 12, 2006; Roll No. DAGUIMOL, ROMEL P; Pinili, Ilocos Norte; May 03, 2007; Roll No. DAGUINOD, MARUEL A; Surigao City; May 02, 2005; Roll No. DAGUINOD, MICHAEL C; Tacloban City; May 11, 2006; Roll No.

DADULA, MERARI D.; Masbate City; March 20, 2003; Roll No. DADULA, METODIO S.; Sibonga, Cebu; March 04, 1968; Roll No. DADULLA, MARISSA D.; Parañaque City; May 11, 1999; Roll No. DADUROS, JOSE D.; Kidapawan, North Cotabato; May 08, 1991; Roll No. DAEL, IBARRA A.; Guihulñgan, Negros Oriental; March 18, 1967; Roll No. DAEP, CAESAR S.; Manito, Albay; March 16, 1971; Roll No.

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