Apple iphone 4s apps not updating

The entire process (including clearing space, restarting the upgrade, and upgrading i Tunes) took about two hours.I restored a backup of previous applications, notes, photos, and video once I had i OS 9.1 installed, which also added some additional time.

To check this update go to the settings app Users reported Wi Fi access from control center not working correctly that means if I enable Wi Fi from Control Center, but it’s not turn on from settings or not appear Wi Fi icon on top status menu bar.The Notes app received a major upgrade in i OS 9, but my old notes were rolled into the new application without incident.Generally speaking, everything has “just worked,” and while I’m not going to run down an exhaustive list of every difference (especially not since I’m jumping to i OS 9.1 from i OS 7.1, not i OS 8), the changes and improvements I’ve seen thus far have Apple’s new operating systems typically don’t improve the performance of older phones, but these problems are typically confined to app performance or UI transitions. Its keyboard performance, however, absolutely tanked. i OS 9.1 enables predictive typing by default, but it was impossible to type with that mode enabled; it took half a second to a second for the text I typed to appear on-screen.Under i OS 9.1, characteristic keyboard “clicks” aren’t transmitted as quickly as they should be.Instead, they’re delayed and often crowd together at the end of a message.

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