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As Renault launches its next generation Megane Renault Sport, we set ourselves a challenge to find 40 hot Renaults of the past.It didn’t take long to complete the list…Renault 8 Gordini The Renault 8 Gordini might not have been the first ‘hot’ Renault – the 4CV 1063 and the Dauphine 1093 were its forebears – but the modern crop of fast Renaults owe a great debt to this rather anonymous saloon car.The “125mph Renault 5 GT Turbo” subhead played to the car’s key strength: outright pace.At its launch, the 5 GT Turbo was 11mph faster than a Golf GTI and 5mph quicker than a Uno Turbo or Astra GTE.The Gordini, along with the TS, was a credible performance car of its day.Renault 17 TSThe Renault 15 and 17 arrived in 1971 and were La Régie’s answer to the Ford Capri, launched two years earlier.Of the two, the 17 was designed to appeal to a younger audience, with the TS model the choice of the enthusiast.

” proclaimed the double page press ads, as Renault took a lump hammer to the hot hatch fight.

Not quick by today’s standards, but it allowed the driver to cover ground in supreme comfort: a hallmark of French cars of years gone by.

Renault 12 Gordini Once a familiar sight, the Renault 12 has all but disappeared from these shores.

Renault 18 Turbo For a car marketed as a new model, the Renault 18 was little more than a reskinned Renault 12.

And in blistering 18 Turbo form, it used the same 1565cc engine found in the old Renault 16 TS, albeit with a little help from a turbocharger.

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