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It was a perfectly pleasant series of events that I’d calculated to last 180 minutes, because my friend was a stranger I found online and I was paying for the company by the hour.If you know what you’re looking for online — and, with the increasingly spooky accuracy of algorithms, even if you aren’t sure — you can find it.If that includes human contact, don’t worry, you can find that too.There’s an array of technology specifically aimed at helping you make friends, including Bumble BFF, a sociable spinoff of the dating app, and Hey Vina, which matches like-minded women.And if that all fails, you can also search for friends online and rent them.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Women have long relied on dating apps to find romantic partners, but many now are going online to seek another special someone: a friend.

Platonic companionship, on the other hand, has yet to enter mainstream American consideration as a product that can be bought or sold. The platonic companionship market is more established in Japan, where companies like Family Romance and Client Partners offer customers the chance to rent professionals to stand in as friends, partners, or even parents for special events, sessions of catharsis, or just an afternoon visit.

Rental services of this kind have lasted for more than two decades in Japan, and some employ robust full-time staffs managing thousands of freelance rentable “actors.” The size of this industry and its consumer appeal didn’t go unnoticed here.

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The birth of my second child threw my world into chaos.

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