Advice for dating a coworker

Together, explain that you would both like to begin a consensual romantic relationship, and you want to be sure that no ethical lines are crossed in the workplace.

This keeps you, your coworker, and your company out of hot water.

Their were rumors and exaggerations—and even a couple coworkers who tried to have me fired—but we weathered the storm together.” For Bianco, it was worth it—she and her partner, Jim, are now happily married with two kids—but it’s important to know that sometimes drama is inevitable.

Hence, workplace romances are anything but uncommon.

If you are currently dating a coworker — or considering dating a coworker — there are a few rules to keep in mind; seven rules to be exact. Think about how you would feel if you found out your significant other was sneaking around behind your back.

And, as with many secrets, things have a way of coming out.

On one hand, a no-strings-attached hookup might seem like the lower risk, since it’s short-lived, but it also presents the opportunity for gossip to arise out of something that you might not be fully committed to.

With relationships, the stakes can be higher because you’re looking at something with an open time frame, and you don’t know how it’ll end.

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There were tons of people who said we would make a cute couple, not knowing we already were.

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  1. According to Ok Cupid, “Saying ‘Hey’ in a first message is almost equivalent to saying nothing — this greeting has an 84% chance of being completely ignored.” That first exchange sets the tone for the rest of the relationship, so you should go beyond one-word openers and say something to give your date a laugh.