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For each couple honeymoon is perhaps the most important moment after wedding.And they want to celebrate it in more and more memorable way.

I have seen a few well written ads and responded to them, but did not get a response back. I'm really beginning to think that there are way too many shallow people in our country. If you have some basic experiences in common, why wouldn't you want to meet in person for coffee / tea and a conversation?

For example, she wants a guy who isn't "clingy" yet be reliable when she needs him the most. What if her needs are demanding and he feels as though he gets little in return for being there for her?

The biggest issue I have with this woman's ad, though, is that she does not want a guy who gets jealous when she talks to or has friends with other men. A guy has to act or be jealous in order for her to feel like he loves her? I'm not interested in the personal dramas that people are addicted to. I believe in karma, so if I was in a relationship with a woman and she cheated, that's her karma to deal with.

I've been wanting to start a new regular feature on my blog that analyzes a personal ad I've found on Craigslist for the purposes of amusement, as well as point out what is wrong with it.

I guess I could be nice about it and just skip over the ads, but I think some ads are worth taking a look and for why they are ridiculous.

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