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Next, I’m always looking at the design of forums – there are good ones and bad ones and this is a little harder to cover in just a paragraph.

Basically, I like good navigation and color schemes, as well as useful information but without being crowded out with nonsense that you don’t need to see.

Anyway yeah – those are the three main types of sex forums that you’ll come across online.

I’m not getting into politics of smut at this hour – I’m almost ready to jump into bed for a good sleep!

The final type of sex forum that I want to talk about are those devoted to specific niches.

This is most often BDSM stuff, but there are also places to go for amateur adult entertainment and even sharing the names of girls who go crazy on social media if they’ve got an audience watching. Porn Geek likes these places quite a lot and often the quality here is a lot better than what you’ll find elsewhere, as people go to the effort of sharing what they genuinely like the most.

I have a document on my computer where I list over 50 different things to consider in general and then a specific look at forums: I like to think that out of all the places that review sex forums online, I’ve got the best formula.

Like a good fast food franchise I don’t want to reveal my secret sauce but I will go ahead and mention a few of the key things I look for below.

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  1. According to Basil it's greatest feature is "a slider at the top, where you can indicate what you're after, so only like-minded guys will populate your feed," but the app experience "from that point onwards, is basically Tinder."Another app, another promise to provide more meaningful connections. Ladies, you’ll be served up a Bagel (that’s what the app calls men) each day at noon, which are only the Bagels (or... It’s another idea that sounds good, but does it really work?