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In college, it's suddenly normal to date anyone there who entered college at the same age you did [so if you went in at 18, anyone else who went in at 18 is fair game..22-year-old seniors, and when you're a senior, the 18-year-old freshmen].Once you're out of college, the social norms for dating change considerably.Take a look at how the car evolved over time: “But Level 5 is way better than Level 1! The point isn’t that Level 5 is better than Level 1 — it clearly is.The question is whether a single Level 5 is better than five Level 1s, or some other combination.20% of bugs contribute 80% of crashes: Focus on fixing these bugs first.

For example, at 22 the by-the-rule range for dating someone younger than you is a mere 4 years, turn the oldest person that should be dating you is 30. Let’s say your customer doesn’t know whether they want a car, a truck, or a boat, let alone the color.Spending the time to create a Level 5 drawing wouldn’t make sense — show some concepts, get a general direction, and then work out the details.The key point is that each unit of work (or time) doesn’t contribute the same amount.In a perfect world, every employee would contribute the same amount, every bug would be equally important, every feature would be equally loved by users. But that isn’t always the case: The 80/20 rule observes that most things have an unequal distribution. That cool thing/idea/person will result in majority of the impact of the group (the green line).

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