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The next time you run billing, the .) The total due amount for the account is charged immediately and the payment is allocated immediately to all open bill items.

Therefore, after the account is created, it will have no pending amount due and no unapplied payments.

This reduces the cost of credit card validations and allows customers who use the same credit card to create multiple accounts without having to validate the credit card more than once.

To specify the credit card revalidation interval: You can allow your customers to create accounts and sign up for services without providing a credit card number when they create and account.

Alternatively, you can write a simple application to periodically check accounts and flag the accounts that have been created without verification. By default, BRM logs credit card validations against the root account during account creation.

An XML-based protocol used to better authenticate online credit card and debit card transactions.

The protocol ties the financial authorization of the transaction to an online authentication of the cardholder’s identity.

See Only fees for charge offers that are purchased as part of the account creation process are charged and billed immediately.

A customer can create an account even when: You can specify the credit card revalidation interval.

For example, you can allow an interval of one hour before a credit card needs to be revalidated.

By default, BRM validates credit cards by checking the customer's name and address and the credit card number.

You might want to turn validation off if the connection to the credit card processor is offline.

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