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They would surely appreciate the notion and it would only deepen your bond.Just keep in mind that actually beating them at their own game will most likely trigger a tantrum…Giving a gift is both easy and challenging, however.Gonna look for gamer events in my area, but I'm also looking into gamer-specific dating websites. I've seen a few but naturally I'm skeptical.

Gamers are also used to tinkering with their tech, or at least know which forum to visit for an answer.I'm not talking about online dating in general - I know many people who have met, dated and married as a result of that.I'm curious if gamers specifically want to date other gamers and if a site such as this holds more than a passing attraction (excuse the pun).Ok, to be fair I haven't been a part of that in a VERY long time, but if I look at my friends and colleagues who are still single, I'm aware of how difficult it is to meet people once you leave university.Work relationships are generally a bad idea, which means you constantly have to put yourself out there in order to meet people.

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Alright, this sounds like a dating column now, and you're probably thinking, "What the hell is going on? I was recently asked to write some articles for a dating website that specialises in dating for gamers.

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