41 penpal friends dating of age 65 and above

Not looking for any marriage proposals or help move money through my account. My interests are varied, but I'm mostly interested in landscape photography, historical buildings, current affairs, computers and watching youtube videos.

I'm also learning Dutch so any Dutch speakers are welcome to email and provide help. I'm quite an easy-going person and enjoy sharing thoughts and opinions about a wide range of topics but I'd rather not discuss religion.

I try to be a happy go lucky person who tries to laugh at everything but sometimes it's hard.

I want to share and communicate with anyway and be a friend to anyone who needs one and a friendly ear to listen.

We make it simple and safe for mature singles to find, message, meet and date online.

First off, I wanna say I'm not on here looking for love or a wife. Here you can make friends with other individuals and couples of similar interests and life stages! We are a community of individuals and couples interested only in developing new friendships.In order to give your profile every chance of success, it is visible to over-50s members of our general dating services using the same platform.Particularly interested in people who are adapting to life when your role as a carer ended .The tragedy of life is not death , but what we let die inside us when we live .

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