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If all players have exactly the same Rank Score, the numbers work out to be about the same as the fixed schedule used at lower ranks.To give you an idea of how rank disparity in the match can shift the amount gained or lost, here are some examples where an outlier is significantly higher or lower than all other players in the match (who, in these examples, all have the same Rank Score).

Duos is a new way to play Underlords cooperatively with a friend - just party up and battle against 3 other teams. We're also going to introduce Underlords to the game in a few weeks.The Big Boss players' Rank Scores will continue to be updated as before, using the fixed schedule that is based only on where they place in the match and not on opponent ranks.For the purpose of updating the Lords's rank using the Elo formula below, the Big Boss player's Rank Score will be mapped into the Lords of White Spire range. There are no additional restrictions on partying up in high rank matches.We're using the standard Elo formula with K=3 and all the Rank Scores multiplied by 10.The formula iswhere R is your rank, Rᵢ is the rank of each relevant opponent, S is the number of relevant opponents eliminated earlier than you, and ΔR is the rank change.

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In addition to this we'll continue looking for feedback and tweaking game balance throughout all of these updates.

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